Christmas Kit with Mandala Diffuser

  • £45.00

Ananda Lifestyle - Christmas Kit

The Christmas Kit includes a Mandala Diffuser and 4 Festive Blends - Gingerbread Man, Christmas Spirit, Frosty Morning and Christmas Pomander.

These blends proved to be the most popular blends however you have the freedom to change the blends to any others in the collection if so then please state your wish in the comment field at the check out. 

Ananda Lifestyle - Mandala Essential Oil Diffuser with remote control for your home, studio or workplace. One of the best diffusers on the market! Beautifully designed and the best quality.

This special diffuser has a sequence of 7 different back lighting colours - based on the colours of the Chakras. You can set your diffuser to change colours or just set it on your favourite colour. The light bothers you? Turn it off but keep diffusing the beautiful scents if you wish. That is all possible and you can do all this staying seated on your comfy sofa as the Mandala Diffuser comes complete with a remote control system! 

It has water 500ml capacity with settings for 1, 3, 6 hours or continuous use with automatic shut down when water level is too low.

Comes in dark and light wood. Comes complete with UK plug and remote control. 

Ananda Lifestyle - Gingerbread Man blend is a must for the cold winter days. The scent is cozy and warm with a bit of spice to make us feel alive and happy.

Ananda Lifestyle - Christmas Spirit is a very festive oil, helping us to shift our mood even when do not fee like it. Brings us the scent of the pine tree and reminds us the times as we gather around the tree with our loved ones. Fresh orange uplifts our spirit and cypress is also a very gentle but Christmassy scent.

Ananda Lifestyle - Frosty Morning blend is a fantastic blend for those really cold and frosty mornings. it will warm your heart yet keeps that cool and fresh feeling going in your mind to lift your mood. Let your heart be cozy yet your mind be fresh and awake. 

Ananda Lifestyle - Christmas Pomander

What is a Orange Pomander?

Medieval herbalists used pomanders, mixtures of fragrant, dried herbs in cloth bags or perforated boxes, to ward off illness or bring strength and good fortune. These days pomander balls are usually a lot simpler; most consist of an orange or other citrus fruit studded with cloves and dusted with other spices like nutmeg and cinnamon. 


Buying the diffuser and the oils together as a kit saves you almost 20% on individual price. 

Uses of the Ananda Lifestyle Essential Oils

  • It is a fantastic oil blend to use in your diffuser at home, studio or office.
  • If you have no diffuser just put a few drops on a tissue and breathe in the aroma.
  • Put a few drops in your warm bath.
  • Use it as a fabric softener or a multi purpose eco cleaning agent 


**External use only. Dilute when applied to skin. Keep away from children, eyes and broken skin. Use as directed. Seek advice if pregnant. Some oils lose potency after 12 months, so best to use within 12 months after opening. 

** Ananda Lifestyle feels strongly about social  responsibility. We want to make sure we have the least negative impact on our environment. That is why at Ananda Lifestyle we don’t do unnecessary packaging, these Oil Blend have no fancy packaging around them and that is simply to protect what is one of the most precious thing in our life, Mother Earth. The oil blends come in a glass bottle with plastic screw top, mostly natural ingredients. What goes inside is 100% natural  - all the lovely essential oils, nothing else. Your bottle can be refilled with your favourite scent. Simply return your empty bottle to be reused and refilled and for this, you get an Ananda Lifestyle credit.

Collect 10 credits to receive a free blend.