Yoga is not a sport activity. Yoga is a way of living

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Yoga is not like any other activity class, yoga is different, yoga is a way of living, it is a tool to live well.

When you go to an exercise class you follow the instructions - often very loud and fast, you exercise and that’s it. You go home feeling that your body has worked out, that you burnt some calories, strengthened muscles, you feel fitter, happier, maybe healthier but extremely tired and your head is still spinning around with all that noise, loud music, instructor shouting. However when you go to a yoga class, you go inwards, you learn about yourself, your body, you learn to be present, you focus and concentrate, you exercise yet it’s gentle and nourishing, you learn some breathing practice, maybe about the philosophy of yoga and you learn to relax. You never leave a yoga class with energy which has not settled down in your system, energy running free without control or balance, that is why we have relaxation at the end of each session to let the breath, the energy, the hormones settle down and you go home feeling energised, feeling strong and happy and all those other things like losing weight, toning your body, burning calories don’t matter anymore because you know, deep inside you are aware that you did the best to your body and your mind by attending a yoga class.

So why is savasana important? This pose can help bring about a deep state of rest which can help to release stress and muscular tension. It also rejuvenates the body and the mind. After an energetic practice it can help ‘reset’ the body temperature, calm the central nervous system and bring the breath back to normal. It gives you a chance to absorb the benefits of the practice, enabling you to unit the body, mind and breath.

Yoga isn’t just a sport or an exercise class, it is much more. You receive a life long gift to well-being, to live well. Which leads to the next question does this mean those who do yoga are never ill or injured, they are never sad or angry? The answer is no. It doesn’t mean that we, who practise yoga are never poorly or sad or unhappy etc. it simply means we have a tool in our hand to deal with it better, to deal with these situation differently. Personally, I recognised that when I am ill I either get over it much quicker or just never as severe to be really bothered about it but when I need to rest I am aware of it and I listen to my body and follow what it needs. I also heal much faster if I somehow injure myself but to be honest injury happens very really to me and again I believe it’s due to my regular yoga practice. And the mind stuff... hmmm that’s a tough one. It is all about accepting what we are, who we are and being patient with ourselves and most importantly trying to always live in the present as neither living in our past nor living in our future brings us any good. Let me quote from Simon Haas from ‘The Book of Dharma’. Simon says ‘much of what the mind has to say is repetitive and fairly unhelpful. The mind worries about the future, laments about the past, and generates confusion in the present.’ Read it a couple of times and take a moment to reflect. Reflect on your thoughts and you will see that Simon could not be more right. 

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