Vinyasa Flow and HIIT Yoga for ATHLETES with ANANDA LIFESTYLE

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Love running and/or cycling? Training for an endurance race, or looking to supplement your regular cardio routine?
Practice Vinyasa Flow or HIIT Yoga as a supplement of your training to build better balance and flexibility, to increase lung capacity, to  reduce tension and feeling of discomfort in the body. Vinyasa Flow and HIIT Yoga are the perfect choice if you want to increase your performance.

Vinyasa Flow is one breath one movement. It is energetic, continuously moving and changing yet as we move with the breath it has a nice rhythm to it, it is an easy to follow flow. The movements are mindful, not rushed, therefore alignment can be easily kept which helps to prevent from injuries however they will make your heart beat faster and you will definitely feel that you had a great work out afterwards. It works the whole body, opens up and stretches the back of the legs as there are loads of forward bends, lunges and downward dogs. These elements are unmissable for athletes looking to improve their performance. Vinyasa Flow strengthens the whole body while also loosens up tightness or any tension. Vinyasa Flow practised once or twice a week could help improving your breathing technique. It is a great way to stretch the whole body, especially the legs and hips which need it the most, also it is fantastic to bring variety into your practice. Yoga is not just about the body, but also about the mind, the breath and the connection between them all.
HIIT Yoga is a fantastic way to practise high and low interwall exercise in a safe way. HIIT is amazing for stress reduction, to boost your mood and release tension from the mind by releasing those FEEL-GOOD endorphins while Yoga helps you to stay aware, breathe better and be more mindful. Learning how to breathe better boosts your fitness endurance during high intensity or cardio trainings. The session takes place in a heated room, typically 25-28 degrees so the muscles remain warm throughout the whole practice. We warm up the joints and the whole body properly, preparing for the HIIT training which is maximum of half an hour. After this we stretch and this is what generally missing from most boot camps or other gym HIIT practices. We take our time to go through each and every body part which we worked on and needing a good stretch. The lesson always ends with relaxation so before you leave you let the body rest and the mind rest. You observe your body, the effect, the feelings and body sensations. You observe the breath and the quality of the mind. After the session you will feel absolutely amazing.
Vinyasa Flow and HIIT Yoga can teach you how to properly rest the body and the mind which is crucial for good performance. It can boost your confidence, anxiety, release stress level you may face. Strengthens your will-power and boosts your energy level to keep you going.
Practise Vinyasa Flow and HIIT Yoga with Andrea @Ananda Lifestyle every Tuesday, Friday and Saturday.


OM Yoga Works, Farsley, Leeds

Vinyasa Flow - Tuesday and Friday 12:30-13:45


Naturally Twisted, Bradford BD4 9JP

HIIT Yoga - Saturday morning (check date and time with Andrea)




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