How Much Longer can you ignore your pain?

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How much longer can you ignore your pain?
How often do you walk down the stairs in the morning wincing with every step?
How often are you clutching your lower back after getting up from your chair?
Unfortunately, these aches and pains are all too common. But even worse, what is'more' common, is that people ignore these pains.
Are we too busy? Are we working too hard? Whatever the reason, people don`t take the time for themselves or their bodies to make their lives better.
Andrea Brajer teaches at Om Yoga Works, a Yoga Studio in Farsley where she shows people how to make time for themselves as well as how to manage pain, increase their flexibility and teaches body awareness through yoga.
Andrea has found yoga to be a calming influence on kids and 'tweens' in her entertaining junior classes, as well as developing better increased mobility and sense of independence in her senior classes which cater for all abilities. In fact the senior classes are a great social activity in the Farsley area and have fast become a staple weekly activity for her regular attendees.
The benefits of yoga are many and each type of class centres on some or all of them.
Hatha Yoga for example, is more 'mainstream' yoga and Andrea adapts her version to suit every individual and concentrates on breathing, body awareness and deep relaxation. This is also a great class for aches and pains with specific parts of the body like lower back, shoulders, knees and hips.  We could all do with some of that.
Vinyasa Yoga on the other hand is a 'faster, flowing' type of yoga with an intensity that suits athletes and really works on building strength and overall fitness and flexibility.
andrea brajer yoga om works

Andrea Brajer moved from Hungary 7 years ago and found her 'community' in the world of Yoga. Now she teaches 11 classes a week covering various different styles. Believing that yoga is for everybody, Andrea covers all ages and levels of experience with her classes. Literally from mother and baby classes through toddler to High Intenisty Yoga and then to Seniors Chair yoga.
" I love bringing yoga to all ages" she said.
Why Yoga?
Andrea tells us what brought her to the world of Yoga:
"I wanted exercise, and had always been running as a child and teenager competitively back in Budapest. Unfortunately, I had to stop running in the UK because of a knee injury and really wanted a low-impact alternative.
Although I wasn't searching for Yoga specifically, it just caught my eye online and I decided to take the plunge and attend a class. I actually bought a block of classes as incentive to go more than once. This was the best thing I could have done as I was very rapidly buying my next block and so on. It didn't take long for the flexibility in my knee to get better and I was even running again!
"There wasn't a yoga community at all in Hungary to speak of when I left and then 5 years later I was taking part in a massive yoga event on a bridge in Budapest where over 200 people did 108 sun salutations - including my kids and my father - just another great example of the community I feel when practising yoga."
For More Information on how Yoga may help you, get in touch with Andrea now on
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