Eco Cleaning and why you shouldn’t use chemicals to clean your home

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I think we all can agree that Mother Nature is amazing. The way how our universe works is remarkable, sometimes quite unbelievable and breathtaking. Nature around us is phenomenal and it’s properties are there for us to use with awareness, love and care while staying connected to it and respect it. 

Essential oils are not just amazing for diffusing and massaging, they are absolutely fabolous to clean with! Their antibacterial and antiviral properties guarantee a nice clean spotless house and it’s scents will make your home smell amazing, fresh and clean. It is also very healthy, especially compared to it chemical alternative. And if this was not enough to convince you to swap your chemicals to a healthy and natural alternative then let me carry on. It’s cheap and again it’s refillable so you will not be producing massive amounts of plastic waste. Isn’t it just great!?!? Why would you ever clean with chemicals when you can use nature to clean your home while you are protecting your families health, looking after financials and your environment! This is an absolute WIN-WIN situation. 

How to make your own eco-friendly multi purpose cleaning agent?

Grab an empty spray bottle. Fill it up with natural vinegar, just about a quarter in the bottle depending on how sensitive you are to it’s smell maybe less. Add your favourite essential oils to it - just about 10 drops and fill it to the top with water. Shake it well before every use. 

Which essential oils are the best to use? 

The best antibacterial oils are Tea Tree and Eucalyptus. If you like citrus scents add a few drops of lemon or orange to it, lime and lemongrass maybe bergamot. If you prefer floral scents, use lavender or geranium too. Or you might want something more grounding then sandalwood or cedarwood can be the perfect choice. As we approach festive seasons you could add pine or cinnamon to your cleaning agent. The opportunities are endless. 

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