Car Diffusers for Weary Travellers

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Essential Oils for the Car.                                                

On the Ananda Lifestyle journey through Essential Oil
blending, we came across all sorts of requests. One of the most popular a while back was the request for a way to enjoy Essential Oils in the car, especially on long journeys. We couldn't stop there though.....
So, we made a list....and there were a few good reasons to have Essential Oils in the car!

Long Journeys (tiredness) - Now we all know you should never drive tired. But how do you stop getting so tired? Driving is boring right? Long, featureless motorways and the tedium of countless vehicles passing by.

What better than a blend to energise you? So, FOCUS and STAY AWARE blends can go some way to keeping you alert enough for the open road longer.

Car Smells - If you've got children, or pets then you know exactly what we're talking about right? We lead busy lives and we just can't get the time to continually clean the car from the Saturday kids football match or the trip to the beach. CITRUS not only helps with alertness, but also really transforms the interior 'odour' of your car.

Ananda Lifestyle Car Diffuser

Ananda Lifestyle feels strongly about social  responsibility. We want to make sure we have the least negative impact on our environment. That is why at Ananda Lifestyle we don’t do unnecessary packaging, these car diffusers have no fancy box around them and that is simply to protect what is one of the most precious thing in our life, Mother Earth. The car diffuser is a glass bottle with wooden screw top and a cotton string. All natural ingredients and what goes inside is all natural too  - augeo oil is a solvent made from a renewable source, and all the lovely essential oils, nothing else. Your diffuser can be refilled with your favourite scent. One 10ml bottle contains two portions. If you return your empty refill bottle to be reused you get an Ananda Lifestyle credit. Collect 10 credits to receive a free blend. 

Try one of our amazing Car Diffusers now by visiting our website.







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  • I received my car diffuser and oil this morning so have not had the chance for a long drive with it helping to keep me awake. What I can say is customer service was excellent, delivery (local) within 12 hours of ordering and the ‘stay aware’ oil is a great scent. 5 stars from me.

    Stephen on

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