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Ananda Lifestyle has created a brand NEW collection, the ROLLER BLENDS.

We all like to smell nice but personally for me it is also very important that whatever I put on myself smells and feels natural. The perfume market is overwhelming, there are so many different scents and by the time I walk through the aisle and start testing the different makes I cannot even differentiate between them as my smelling buds have filled with the mixture of perfume lingering in the air. Perfumes are a little too much for me, I cannot get that sense of nature either that I am looking for.

That is why I thought I would create my very own perfume blends. Blend them the way that I feel, create several different scents and use the one which matches how my day, what I do, where I go or whether I feel a bit fatigued  and want to be energised or need to just chill and let go. The opportunities are endless. The best part is that these bottles are refillable, so there is no need to recycle your bottle, just return it to me and I refill it for you. You will also receive a credit point. Collect ten and exchange it for a free blend.  Sounds good?! Keep on reading. 

Essential oils shouldn’t be restricted to indoor use. The all new Ananda Lifestyle Roller Blends ensure that you can take essential oil wellness anywhere. 

Brand New Roll On applicator allows no-mess, no hassle and its convenient size means you can easily keep it with you in your purse, pocket or handbag.

I have three different scents at the moment, available in my shop, serving very different purposes.


Forest FloorForest Floor is a very grounding and centring, earthy and woody mixture. This scent takes you back to nature, to your favourite walking place. It grounds you down through its earthiness, yet lifts you up with its fresh woody scents. Fantastic blend to balance Muladhara Chakra. 



Unicorn Dream is an enchanted floral scent with a pinch of zesty vibe to keep your thoughts positive and transform your energy. Blended to balance your Sacral Chakra, helps you to release your inner creativity. 

Mid-Day Boost is a zesty blend with a pinch of minty freshness to keep you going for the rest of the day. Just pick it out of your pocket after your lunch break when you feel like lying down and roll it onto your wrists, rub them together and take a few deep breath in. 

However if you have a wish, if you know what you want, then do not hesitate to get in touch and I will create a blend specially for you!


Visit my online shop and order your Roller Blend now!

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